Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Syllabus and Parent Letter 8/14

Syllabus and Parent Letter
 Welcome to the 2013/2014 school year, I am looking forward to the learning that is going to take place this year and I hope that you are, too. Contained in this letter is some very important information, so please hold onto it so that you can reference it in the future.

Course Overview

This course develops the ability to discern, conjecture, reason, invent, and construct mathematically. It introduces two-dimensional geometry, coordinate geometry, and brief units in solid geometry and deductive reasoning. Students use algebra and a full range of problem-solving skills in the development of geometric concepts.


Grading Break Down
Personal Learning Portfolio10%
Assignments and Quizzes20%
Chapter Tests and Projects60%
Final Exam10%
Grades are posted electronically online. Students and parents can access them through the Parent Portal. Benchmark exams are given to all RHS geometry students in four times a year, and are counted in all RHS geometry students’ grades. In addition, students will be given short Formative Assessments every two weeks.


There are a few materials that will be required to complete assignments in this class. Pencils, erasers, and paper, of course. Here is a list of items that are essentials: 1. Graph Paper 2. Ruler 3. Graphing Calculator (TI-84 or any TI-Nspire series)


Students will need their own calculator. The calculator must have trigonometric functions of it: sin, cos, and tan. Graphing calculators or nice, but not necessary. Many scientific calculators for iPhone or Android phones are inexpensive and good enough for this class. However, phones will not be allowed on tests.

Personal Learning Portfolio

Students in this class with create an electronic learning portfolio through the use of Twitter and a blog, such as WordPress or Blogger. If students do not have internet access at home, then they will need to make arrangements to use the school’s library before or after school when necessary.

General Expectations

  1. Come to class on time and prepared to work. Bring with you:
    • Pencils and/or Pens
    • Whiteboard Markers
    • Compass/Protractor/Ruler
    • Notebook paper
    • Graph Paper
    • Homework!
  2. Show respect for teachers, staff and fellow students.
  3. Follow all RHS rules. We want a Responsible, Honorable and Safe student body. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Wear your Student ID.
    • Proper dress: No hats, sweatshirt hoods, beanies, etc. No bare midriffs, spaghetti straps or underwear showing.
    • Technology must be used appropriately or will be confiscated.
    • No food, drinks or gum allowed in class.
    • Use appropriate and respectful language to all RHS staff, students, parents and visitors.

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