Personal Learning Portfolio

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Objective: Using WordPress or Blogger and Twitter, students will create a digital portfolio of their work that highlights their skills and learning.

Assignment Description:You will begin your personal learning portfolio on the first day of class. You will submit it for evaluation twice throughout the course. This portfolio is your Statistics digital home. You will keep most of the work you create in this space. You will share it with your instructors, your RHS colleagues and the world.

The portfolio will be includes five essential parts:

  1. An introductory page that describes who you are and the work you do. 
  2. A blog in which you document your thoughts and new understandings during class. You will need to complete all of the required blog posts assigned during the school year.
  3. A final reflective multimedia element that uses the ideas of the statistics to explore a problem or area of interest of your own.
  4. A separate page documenting the technologic tools used in statistics.
  5. A Twitter stream documenting your brief thoughts thoughts.

Other pages, widgets and resources that you choose to include in your portfolio will be left to your discretion. We encourage you to personalize this space and make it the best representation of who you are as a student.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Your portfolio includes all of the required elements.
  • Your portfolio highlights the work you’ve done in the class.
  • Your portfolio demonstrates a sincere investment in growth, learning and critical reflection. It is clear that you have used this space to document your learning, thinking and skill development.
  • Your blog posts are consistently well written and respectful of the genre and its conventions.